Coffee Thought: I HAVE A DREAM

i have a dream

“neither i neither you, no one don’t have a dream, only zombies who doesn’t have a dream i thought.”

If you have a dream, there is no wrong if you share what your thought with your families, friends or people you just met, because every word you said is like a prayer and the angels gonna wrote it in their notes, and soon God will make your dream come true in the right time. But don’t forget to concept it, write it in your dream plan, so you still have memory on it, and try to make it happen, sure it someday we’ll gonna have a chance to start to build our dream. Maybe from your friends you share the dream with, or anyone else.

But Dream is not sleeping, and getting lazy, how can you buid your dream if you waste your time to sleeping even you awake but you not doing something necessary, if you do that, maybe you only just a dreamer. Try to saving a money and buy something you can use that suitable with your dream, maybe if you dreaming to own a cafe, you can start to buying some equipment like a milk jug, a cup, a spoon, a manual brewer, a refrigerator, learning how to manage a cafe, then search a right place to open the store, Untill someday you just realized with all you have are enough, you are ready to open a cafe.

Okay, Good Luck with your dream, inspiring people!


Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil


A Famous Quote that match for this Ramadhan, Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil, we must clean our heart and mind from any evil things, when all people doing this in every single time, everyday, the word will become peacefully like heaven i thought. AMIN YA RABB



The Idea is come to my head when i woke up today, it’s the story about a man who cannot leaving the bed because the bed is so damn warm and comfort, but this man lately realize if it’s not good to have with the bed all day, after all that happen, this man start to find another person who better for him, untill he find a Coffee, Coffee who can make him warm and comfort and also make him have a brighter vision, not like the bed who just make him sleepy and dreaming.

But First He must find a way to get off from the bed to be with coffee.



Thank to Alloh SWT , we have given a chance to meet Ramadhan month again, may Alloh always give the forgiveness to every moslem all over the world, and i wish Ramadhan on this year is complete us to be a better human, and make us closer and closer with Alloh SWT. Barokalloh, Jazakalloh, Amin. Salam