10 Awful Things Only Baristas Understand

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Thought Catalog

I’ve spent most of my life living in the Pacific Northwest. This means that essentially everyone I know has worked as a barista, including myself. So I understand that the barista is the unsung hero of the service industry—especially in this part of the country.

I’m pretty sure that the majority of people working downtown would simply cease to function if their caffeine was taken from them (I’m looking at you, Amazon).

What I have issue grasping is why people insist on treating the slingers of their drug of choice so poorly. Maybe they just don’t realize what they’re doing, so I’ve made this list to educate and simplify the issue.

If you feel the need to make yourself into an asshole every morning (twice and once in the afternoon), follow these easy steps. If that isn’t your thing, then, you know, do the opposite.

1. Complain that your drink…

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